Our Technology


PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform is an Operational Intelligence (OI) platform that reduces friction in financial markets, resulting in higher revenues, reduced operational cost, and lower risk while improving trust and transparency.  By correlating a variety of events and data from both streaming feeds and historical data silos, Cuneiform provides firms with real-time contextual visibility of information.  

This unique visibility provides real-time insight into business performance so that immediate action can be taken based on business policies and strategies. The Cuneiform Platform applies the benefits of real-time operational intelligence to a broad spectrum of use cases including reconciliation, optimization of securities clearing and settlement, data and asset monetization, and risk management.

Cuneiform Platform Features

Event Lineage™

Uses Event Lineage™ to provide real-time front-to-back visibility into transactional states across the network, ensuring early break-detections and faster exception resolutions.

Rules Engine

Self-serve Rules Engine for perpetual synchronization of data and automated exception processing.

Built-in ETL

Cuneiform Platform allows for quick setup and connectivity to data and event sources.



Self-serve model for both business and IT users.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Data sharing while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.


Rich API

Cuneiform Platform is modular, pluggable, and extensible with API’s.


Immutable single source of truth

Immutable single source of truth with guaranteed non-repudiation for all data and business logic that resides on the platform.

Easy Integration

Simple integration with workflows, emails, and messaging tools.

Data and Process Integrity

Assurances of data completeness, correctness, and consistency in addition to assurances on the integrity, performance, and accurate capture of processes across multiple systems and applications.


Provides fast and flexible search, streaming real-time analytics, and flexible dashboarding and reporting capabilities for faster decision analysis.


Cuneiform Platform Overview

Reducing Friction

Customer Benefits

Global financial institutions operate in a highly dynamic and competitive business environment. There are multiple sources of friction both within and across institutions, that pose significant challenges for firms and markets as a whole. These include fragmented data and workflow models, lack of a single source of truth, lack of real-time visibility and transparency, and cyber-security vulnerabilities. The Cuneiform Platform solution can significantly reduce these friction points.

Revenue Growth

Actionable insights are delivered as the events occur, rather than “after-the-fact”. This enables firms to capitalize on any market opportunities in a timely manner, as well as reduce delays due to data errors or process delays.

regulatory risks

End-to-end monitoring of transactional workflows to ensure process correctness leading to regulatory risk reduction.

operational and IT costs

Reduce operational and IT footprint by replacing multiple point solutions with a single unified platform that helps guarantee both data and process integrity.

Foster better understanding of data across enterprise

Knowledge graphs provide an always-current view into data and business events. This semantic view can be easily understood by non-technical users.

Reposition teams towards
higher-value activities

Redirect IT teams away from low-end activities like systems integration and testing, and instead towards high-value activities like machine-learning enabled analytics.

Future-proof enterprise architecture

Enable business and IT users to benefit from advances like Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and other new technologies that can be built on top of Cuneiform’s Event Lineage™.