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PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform is an Operational Business Management tool that reduces friction in financial markets, resulting in higher revenues, reduced operational cost, and lower risk while improving trust and transparency. By correlating a variety of events and data from both streaming feeds and historical data silos, Cuneiform provides firms with real-time contextual visibility of information.

This unique visibility provides real-time insight into business performance so that immediate action can be taken based on exceptions and opportunities. The Cuneiform Platform applies the benefits of real-time operational intelligence to a broad spectrum of use cases including reconciliation, optimization of securities clearing and settlement, data and asset monetization, and risk management.


Cuneiform Platform Overview

Feature List

Cuneiform Platform Features

End-to-End Visibility Using Event Lineage™

The platform enables visibility across multiple systems, applications, and workflows by linking business data, thereby enabling faster root-cause analysis.

Data Quality (DQ) Checks

The DQ engine in the platform ensures that the firm’s data is complete, correct, and consistent across end-to-end flows.

SLA and Process Optimization

The process integrity engine dashboards SLAs and business processes in fine-grained details to ensure that the processes are running optimally.

Automated and Guided Actions

Users can take automated or guided actions based on the results of their data quality, SLA, and process rules. They can also configure the platform to notify and link to external workflow and BPM tools for approvals, notifications, and alerts.

Zero-Code and Sandbox Model

The platform is based on a zero-code model that allows users to configure flows with a graphical user interface. The platform also includes a secure sandbox that allows users to create, test, and implement rules—without affecting production environments.

No Prerequisites

The benefits of the platform can be realized immediately without the need for pre-existing clean data, detailed workflow knowledge, or a specific deployment model.


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