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Enabling end-to-end (E2E)
trust and transparency of data and business flows

PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform is an active data governance tool that enables end-to-end (E2E) trust and transparency of data and business flows.  By using the Cuneiform Platform, enterprises can unlock enterprise knowledge, increase efficiency, and identify the most promising digital transformation opportunities.

Today, enterprises experience data quality challenges because existing metadata tools are static. This static approach to data quality makes it difficult to measure KPIs across workflows, deliver on SLAs, and efficiently conduct root cause analyses.

The Cuneiform Platform solves these problems by implementing an active data governance framework. The platform automatically builds, updates, monitors, and optimizes data dictionaries, glossaries, and catalogs.  Using this dynamic approach to data quality and management, the platform creates E2E, integrated, and active lineages across disparate tools and systems.

Unlock Data

Unlock enterprise knowledge and unify fragmented data to ensure better data quality resulting in higher client and stakeholder satisfaction.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce root-cause analysis and resolution time for data quality, SLA, and timeliness metrics leading to better operational efficiency and faster time-to-market.

Discover Opportunities

Identify and implement the most promising digital transformation opportunities and migrate to a scalable, API-driven, hybrid-cloud-ready platform providing effective E2E active data governance.


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