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Regulatory Reporting

Respond to regulators quickly, confidently, and efficiently through high-quality data and E2E visibility.


Cuneiform Platform


Data and process orchestration

Ensure harmonization of both data and process across workflows and respond to regulators confidently.


Traceability and auditability

Provide an on-demand detailed history of workflows and associated lifecycle events and demonstrate what data was used to create regulatory reports and recreate prior versions to highlight changes.


Risk management

Continuously monitor workflows to proactively manage risk. Identify errors, address exceptions, and respond to regulators to stay compliant.


Active data governance

Automatically build dictionaries, glossaries, and catalogs and correlate metadata and data in real-time. Manage risk by monitoring change management.


On-demand reporting and analysis

Address executive, regulator, and stakeholder inquiries confidently, promptly, and reliably.


Regulatory reporting efficiency

Manage and create regulatory reports quickly and confidently through E2E visibility, trusted data, and auditability of workflows and associated lifecycle events.


Cuneiform Platform Overview


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Today, low-quality data and lack of visibility adversely affect decision-making across the enterprise landscape. Firms can make decisions based on incorrect data and insights, leading to missed opportunities, client dissatisfaction, and even fines.

The PeerNova Cuneiform Platform is a zero-code end-to-end (E2E) data quality automation platform for enterprise business users.


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An effective data governance framework protects customers’ privacy while allowing secure data-sharing that meets GDPR and CCPA compliance.


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Effective data governance solves a variety of Basel IV compliance challenges such as fragmented infrastructure and data quality.


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Want to see our platform in action?

By using the Cuneiform Platform, financial firms can unlock enterprise knowledge, increase efficiency, and identify the most promising digital transformation opportunities.

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