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Data Quality

Ensure data quality and process correctness across workflows by analyzing root-cause, identifying and managing exceptions, and establishing an effective data governance framework.



Cuneiform Platform


Real-time root-cause analysis

Efficiently perform root-cause analysis and manage, prioritize, and resolve exceptions promptly.


End-to-end visibility across workflows

Build a single source of truth across workflows, break down silos, and manage lifecycle events through cross-functional collaboration and the lineage of data and metadata.


Confidence in decision making

Make confident decisions, prioritize strategic opportunities, and communicate effectively with stakeholders by using trusted data and real-time insights.


Data standardization and harmonization

Automate data integrity, synchronization, and harmonization and orchestrate your data across workflows.


Operational impact

Monitor business activity, identify bottlenecks and take action in real-time.


Active data governance

Automatically build dictionaries, glossaries, and catalogs and correlate metadata and data in real-time. Manage risk by monitoring change management.


Cuneiform Platform Overview


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Today, low-quality data and lack of visibility adversely affect decision-making across the enterprise landscape. Firms can make decisions based on incorrect data and insights, leading to missed opportunities, client dissatisfaction, and even fines.

Today, there is a critical need for enterprises to use effective data quality tools within their data management and data governance strategies.


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The PeerNova Cuneiform Platform is a zero-code end-to-end (E2E) data quality automation platform for enterprise business users.


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To ensure data quality, firms must incorporate an effective data governance framework into their overall data management strategy.


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By using the Cuneiform Platform, financial firms can unlock enterprise knowledge, increase efficiency, and identify the most promising digital transformation opportunities.

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