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Enabling end-to-end (E2E) trust and transparency of data and business flows

Cuneiform® is PeerNova’s zero-code platform that automates data quality, end-to-end (E2E) visibility, and process correctness.

Today, low-quality data and lack of visibility adversely affect decision-making across the enterprise landscape. Firms can make decisions based on incorrect data and insights, leading to missed opportunities, client dissatisfaction, and even fines.


Cuneiform Platform Overview

Make better, faster, and more insightful business decisions with the Cuneiform Platform

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Data Quality

Ensure data quality and process correctness across workflows by analyzing root-cause, identifying and managing exceptions, and establishing an effective data governance framework.

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End-to-End Visibility

Increase end-to-end (E2E) visibility by integrating high-quality data and process monitoring across workflows through Event Lineage™.

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Business Performance Management

Enhance client experience, make more confident decisions, and increase revenue through reliable data and E2E visibility.

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Operational Efficiency

Continuously monitor business activity, identify bottlenecks and exceptions, and take corrective actions.

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Regulatory Reporting

Respond to regulators quickly, confidently, and efficiently through high-quality data and E2E visibility.

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Data Integration

Break down silos by integrating, standardizing, and harmonizing data from disparate sources and create a single source of truth.

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Want to see our platform in action?

By using the Cuneiform Platform, financial firms can unlock enterprise knowledge, increase efficiency, and identify the most promising digital transformation opportunities.

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