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for Valuation Risk

An intuitive platform used by financial institutions to improve the fair-value estimation of assets and ease the P&L creation process by providing scenario and trend analysis, price backtesting, and contextual views of instrument prices using various datasets.

Today, financial firms continue to experience several valuation control and Independent Price Verification (IPV) challenges. Daily risk-based P&L creation is a resource-intensive process due to complex workflows and difficult internal trade, order, and quote consolidation. Concentration risk and pricing trend analysis remains difficult as firms rely on low-quality and untimely analytics for risk management.

Regulators, stakeholders, and auditors require financial firms to justify their pricing and positions with verifiable evidence and proof-of-work. However, this becomes increasingly challenging due to a lack of available contextual analysis, time-series analytics, and auditable documentation.

Market participants need a flexible modern data platform that can keep up with evolving digital transformation and risk requirements.

Cuneiform for Valuation Risk

Market participants can improve business resilience, regulatory response, and capital optimization by addressing the evolving risk environments for price valuation.

Fair-Value and PruVal Estimation

Fair-value and PruVal estimation using Level 1, 2, 3 evidence and client specific policy-driven methodology.

Scenario Analysis

Perform decision-science based scenario analysis to improve regulatory-driven risk measurements and model alternate outcomes.

Concentration Risk Analysis

Liquidity trends and heatmaps that enable concentration risk analysis.

Exception Notification & Alerts

Define notification criteria based upon variances from Fair-Value Estimation.

Contextual Views

Unified, contextualized views of instrument prices, 3rd party pricing datasets – overlaid with client-specific trade, liquidity, and market data.

Audit Documentation

Create documentation for audit and regulatory needs using contextual data and collaboratively share and annotate with group members.

“Using the Cuneiform SaaS Platform for data quality, Broadridge is reducing costs associated with onboarding, driving efficiency, and improving time-to-value, while confidently expediting its customer go-live dates.”


Danny Green, Head of Post-Trade Processing, Broadridge International

How can Cuneiform for Valuation Risk help your organization?

Addressing today’s regulatory and banking requirements.


Strategic Investment

Strategically align with current and future needs.


Deploy Quickly

Realize faster time-to-value by removing network dependencies in the market.


Build for Your Needs

Define customization policies for needed outcomes.


Modern Platform

Mutualize common workflows, technology, and reduce regulatory costs.


Own Your Data

Maximize privacy and market advantage by owning all data and calculated results.


Regulatory Needs

Meet emerging regulatory requirements now and in the future (e.g., FRTB).

Want to see our platform in action?

By leveraging the Cuneiform Platform, you can obtain and use more accurate, data-driven insights through effective data quality monitoring. Learn more about how we can help you with your important tasks.