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Cuneiform® for Data Cloud

Know now if your business data is fit-for-purpose

Cuneiform® for Data Cloud is the first data management application on and for Salesforce Data Cloud that enables organizations to accelerate and derisk implementations, continually assess data quality against fit-for-purpose metrics, and reduce operational costs incurred by unnecessary reprocessing.


Reduce implementation time and improve odds of success

Ensure correct data modeling, mapping, and transformation decisions to deliver the most trusted and reliable first-party data asset. Skip the need for custom queries, reports, and spreadsheets for design and validation. Avoid the security risk of exporting data and reduce reprocessing costs due to incorrect mapping or transformation decisions. All possible in hours, instead of weeks.


Integrate data quality monitoring and data governance support

Use custom KPIs to measure Data Lake Object (DLO) record completeness, correctness, and consistency for different use cases. Guide data modeling, governance, and stewardship priorities based on measured data quality and business value.


Ensure your data is always fit for purpose with automated data reliability monitoring

Automate data reliability monitoring to detect unexpected data volume changes or new data structures that may impact your data harmonization and downstream business results. Leverage data quality KPIs to only use data that is fit for purpose. Improve data and credit use effectiveness while ensuring your data remains fit for purpose continuously.

Why rely on data that’s probably right?

Salesforce Data Cloud simplifies and accelerates organizations’ ability to unify and act on data from internal and external sources with native mapping, transformation, matching, and reconciliation capabilities – backed by a credit consumption-based model. Organizations must continuously understand their data sources to quickly, effectively, and securely obtain reliable first-party data while minimizing credit waste.

Cuneiform for Data Cloud provides implementers comprehensive insights to guide correct data modeling, mapping, transformation, and harmonization decisions. The platform has a familiar user interface and empowers users to gain these insights without needing custom queries, reports, or spreadsheets. Native profiling ensures secure results that are always current, an essential part of ongoing data reliability monitoring, so any changes that require design updates can be detected and addressed quickly.

Through a better design model, fewer credits are wasted through needless reprocessing while accelerating testing and time-to-value. With use-case-specific data quality KPIs, organizations can be confident in their ability to identify what data is fit for purpose to make the most out of their investments that power AI, automation, activation, and analytics solutions.

Now in closed beta on the AppExchange

Why should you assess your Data Cloud data?

To accelerate implementations and mitigate risks

Same field names may have different content, while the same content may be in different fields. Having reliable data means ensuring consistency and completeness through effective data modeling, governance, mapping, transformation, and harmonization. Effective design and integrated data quality monitoring provide better testing to achieve faster time to value.

To ensure outcomes meet business expectations

Not every data element or record has the same data reliability levels. Data reliability must be measured continuously against distinct business requirements to ensure customer engagement journeys have the most fit-for-purpose data.

To support operational excellence

Continuously monitor data quality, detect and address unexpected changes, and ensure you act on data that meets business expectations. Knowing you are acting on data that you can trust ensures a much better ROI.

“We are delighted to be the first data management solution on and for Salesforce Data Cloud, extending the business value Cuneiform for CRM customers’ experience. With Cuneiform for Data Cloud, implementers can simplify and accelerate their projects, while Salesforce customers can act on continuously reliable data.”


Mehmet Orun, CDMP, PeerNova Sr. Vice President of Product, and a Salesforce veteran

First business data reliability application that enables Salesforce® stakeholders to ensure their data in Data Cloud is high quality and fit for business purposes to power activation, automation, analytics, and AI initiatives

Now in closed beta on the AppExchange

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