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Cuneiform® for CRM

Know now if your business data is fit-for-purpose

Cuneiform® for (Salesforce) CRM is a business data reliability application that enables CRM Admins, data stewards, and implementation teams to rapidly assess and quantify data challenges, prioritize business risks, and effectively manage improvement efforts and support desired business objectives. The solution incorporates actionable business-centric metrics, insights, and reporting to improve customer experience and decision-making for more profitable ROI, cost savings, and compliance.


Quickly find the data that negatively impacts your business outcomes

Know where to start to unlock the secret that successful Salesforce Admins use to ensure their data quality meets business objectives.

In as little as one business day, assess your data reliability and identify the most impactful data to specific business outcomes.


Efficiently address data reliability risks in hours rather than days

Prioritize your data quality improvement initiatives based on business impact.

In as little as one week, identify the data quality KPIs that correlate to business outcomes and assess what results may be at risk. Use profiling insights to determine usability, data governance, data reliability challenges, and what you can do to improve them.


Ensure your data is always fit for purpose using automated data reliability monitoring

Be the MVP of your team by maximizing Salesforce CRM’s business benefits with effective user adoption and ongoing data reliability.

In as little as three months, convert data quality understanding into impact-driven data management and adoption controls. Proactively monitor, detect, and address data quality issues before they negatively affect KPIs, ROIs, or worse.

Why rely on data that’s probably right?

Today, businesses of all sizes struggle with low-quality data housed in their CRM. Poor-quality data can enter systems through many internal and external channels, producing a variety of inaccuracies and formatting inconsistencies (e.g., varying naming conventions and abbreviations, missing fields, duplicates). Over time, inconsistencies and further data degradation result in inaccurate analytics and reporting and, ultimately, poor customer experiences and decision-making.

In the past, CRM Admins and data stewards struggled to quickly assess and improve the data quality in their CRMs, preventing stakeholders from fully realizing the potential of their customer and business data. Reliance on external tools often required budget and specialized expertise, months to get funding to secure resources to implement and integrate these technologies. Even then, results were often technical in nature without the business context, and in the rare cases they were, external tools could not detect changes in configurations, data, and associated business processes.

It is imperative that admins and stewards cyclically monitor and identify data quality issues to limit their impacts on sales, growth, and profitability. Cuneiform for CRM enables this with an easy, fast, secure, and comprehensive solution. Cuneiform is a 100% native application, which means you can install and set up the application within minutes. It is easy to use with a familiar interface and zero code. As a well-architected solution, Cuneiform for CRM enables the most secure way to assess your data: no exports, data modifications, or external API calls. It can continuously operate within the user’s permission model: you can become confident that your assessments are always current and your data is protected. Cuneiform for CRM is a unique data quality and business KPI monitoring tool that enables you to focus on business outcomes that matter and ensures your CRM data stays reliable.

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Why should you assess
if your business business data is fit-for-purpose?

To simplify and accelerate implementation and mitigate risks

For data migration, bulk data load, org merge, automation, analytics, AI planning and implementation initiatives.

To ensure outcomes meet business expectations

For assessing data readiness and reliability to ensure business results, such as Opportunity close to prevent revenue delays. Lead Source effectiveness, forecast accuracy, and operational efficiency.

To support operational excellence

For ongoing data quality monitoring, change impact assessments, and compliance audits.

“In the era of ‘Data + AI + CRM + Trust’, data reliability is essential. Cuneiform for CRM stands at the forefront of this paradigm, offering an unparalleled solution for data-quality assessment and monitoring. Our customers are experiencing transformative impacts faster than ever before. We are focused on customer success while being proud of Cuneiform’s recent recognition as a top 10 app for admins, coupled with our five-star ratings.”


Mehmet Orun, CDMP, PeerNova Sr. Vice President of Product, and a Salesforce veteran

Category-leading business data quality application that enables Salesforce® stakeholders to ensure their CRM data is high quality and fit for business purposes to assess, prioritize, and implement data quality improvements effectively

Now available on the AppExchange
Admin Edition – Always Free!

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