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Cuneiform® Client Onboarding

Our platform monitors data quality issues in real-time to help firms migrate client data quickly, effectively, and accurately every time.

Client onboarding continues to be one of the most difficult, yet critical processes financial firms face. Institutions strive to make client data migration as seamless as possible while meeting evolving regulatory requirements. However, a lack of industry standardization and transparency, coupled with manual processing significantly delays the onboarding of clients’ financial data.

Client onboarding becomes even more laborious and time-consuming when firms have to manually fix inaccuracies. Combing through large volumes of data is complex and drives key resources away from improving the customer experience. This results in delayed go-live dates (time-to-market), missed SLAs, and decreased client satisfaction.

Client Onboarding Simplified


Data Quality Metrics

The platform continuously measures data quality using four important dimensions: completeness, correctness, consistency, and timeliness across onboarded workflows, datasets, transactions, and events.


Business Value Impact Scorecards

Cuneiform Client Onboarding automatically calculates and prioritizes each data quality error, in addition to the total business impact of data quality issues across the entire onboarding workflow.


End-to-End Visibility

Through end-to-end (E2E) visibility, firms are provided with a complete view of integrated information to easily identify and resolve issues.


Business Workflow Lineage

The solution offers real-time Business Workflow Lineage™ with traceability and auditability of source data. This End-to-End (E2E) data quality offers efficient and timely standardization and harmonization of data, leading to more accurate and efficient onboarding processes.


Data Quality and Business Rules Engines

Cuneiform Client Onboarding enables firms to rapidly define and deploy data quality rules and controls across their migrated data.


Machine-Generated Code

Business users can easily use the platform’s self-serve, drag-and-drop interface to dynamically create, configure, and execute rules without significant coding knowledge. This allows for reduced cost and faster time-to-market for newly onboarded clients.

Why should you choose PeerNova and
the Cuneiform® Platform?

Large financial firms are already using our platform to solve some of their complex data problems.


Start with one workflow

Getting started is easy. Begin with one workflow and learn as you grow. With our platform you can scale quickly.


Deploy quickly

Cuneiform is cloud-native so deployment is fast and easy. You can realize platform benefits in days and get to your ROI much faster.


Pay as-you-grow

Forget about upfront costs for good! No hardware requirements, no complicated cost calculations. Pay per seat and select the right tier that fits your business.

“Using the Cuneiform SaaS Platform for data quality, Broadridge is reducing costs associated with onboarding, driving efficiency, and improving time-to-value, while confidently expediting its customer go-live dates.”


Danny Green, Head of Post-Trade Processing, Broadridge International

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Data is one of the most valuable assets a financial institution can have; however, its existence alone does not guarantee success. Data is only as valuable as the business processes, decisions, and interactions it enables.

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Want to see our platform in action?

By leveraging the Cuneiform Platform, you can obtain and use more accurate, data-driven insights through effective data quality monitoring. Learn more about how we can help you with your important tasks.

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