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Make better, faster, and more insightful business decisions with the Cuneiform Platform

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Cuneiform Platform

Cuneiform® is a zero-code platform that provides data quality monitoring, business value impact measurements, and exception resolution across internal and external data sources

End-to-end data quality

Unparalleled end-to-end data quality, visibility, and traceability for your transactional workflows.


Data Quality Monitoring as a Service

Continuous data quality monitoring across four dimensions: correctness, completeness, consistency, and timeliness.


Business impacted value metrics

Exceptions ordered by business impacted value highlighting the cost and impact-value of exceptions.


Business Event Lineage™

Relationship-based and series lineages lend business context to transactional workflows.


Version tracking

Series lineages make it easy to track data quality across multiple versions of data.


Self-serve Rules Builder

Zero-code Rules Builder for business users for defining complex business rules.


Reference Data and Derived Datasets

Self-serve creation of custom datasets and integration with reference data sources as inputs to data quality processes.


Value-based data quality comparisons

Provides value-based comparisons, retaining original formats as part of the data quality rule execution.


High-performance best-of-breed architecture

Provides continuous data quality at scale, through stream-based execution and scalable infrastructure.

Want to see our platform in action?

By leveraging the Cuneiform Platform, you can obtain and use more accurate, data-driven insights through effective data quality monitoring. Learn more about how we can help you with your important tasks.

How our platform can help you

PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform is the only data quality monitoring tool that ensures your firm continuously achieves end-to-end data quality – in minutes not months.

  • Users call this “the most effective data quality solution on the market”, with over 30% in operational cost savings!
  • You’ll never have to worry about making important business decisions based on inaccurate or erroneous data again! How will this change your business and decision-making process?
  • Cuneiform combines the power of real-time data-quality exceptions with their potential business value impacts. You can quickly resolve exceptions, identifying and fixing the costliest ones first. It’s like having several powerful tools in one!

We are confident the Cuneiform Platform can help you reduce client time-to-market, improve operational efficiency, and outperform the competition.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more info?

What is a data quality scorecard?

Data quality scorecards provide a mechanism to objectively measure data quality across the four dimensions of correctness, completeness, consistency, and timeliness. The Cuneiform Platform offers individual data quality scorecards at the initial event, dataset, workflow, and business transaction levels. Firms can zoom in and out of various events or data points, producing data quality scorecards even at a micro scale.

What is a data source?

We define a data source as a single application or database where the user would import data into our platform.

What is Business Event Lineage?

PeerNova’s real-time Business Event Lineage provides end-to-end traceability of transactional workflows. It represents how a logical group of business events are connected to each other within a specific business context.

What does business value impact mean?

Business value impact provides insights into the material impact of data quality issues and allows for value-driven prioritization of data quality efforts and fixes.

How does Cuneiform protect a customer’s data and privacy?

The security and privacy of our customer’s data are of paramount importance to us. The Cuneiform Platform is designed from the ground up to protect mission-critical customer data. All customers’ data is stored within their dedicated Cuneiform instance and is completely isolated from any other customers’ data. Cuneiform provides data encryption, both at-rest, and in-transit. Flexible and robust authentication and authorization mechanisms ensure controlled access to data.

In addition to data isolation, customers also benefit from the complete host and network isolation due to our single-tenant model, wherein a customers’ Cuneiform instance is provisioned on a dedicated server cluster with its own subnet, separate from other customers’ Cuneiform instances. A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects traffic to a customers’ Cuneiform instance against bot traffic and blocks common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting. Key Management Systems (KMS), Privileged Access Management (PAM) systems securely store keys used within Cuneiform. Application and service monitoring and secure logging provide complete accountability.

Make better, faster, and more insightful business decisions with the Cuneiform Platform