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PeerNova, Inc., a leading Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solution provider, today announced the availability of its Cuneiform Platform Multi-Node DLT on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. Cuneiform will be available on the GCP Marketplace for developers to build, test, and deploy their applications.

The PeerNova Cuneiform Platform brings operational business insights, automated reconciliation, transactional state-tracking, privacy controls, redaction, and Event Lineage to large financial institutions. Specifically, the technology provides data integrity and immutability to deliver end-to-end visibility and non-repudiation in real-time.

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“Our blockchain-based DLT platform uses big data components to achieve the volume and velocity requirements of mission-critical financial applications. By collaborating with Google Cloud’s world-class big data and infrastructure, we unleash the awesome power of our platform and allow financial institutions to explore our software through an easy single-click deployment.”

Gangesh Ganesan, President & CEO – PeerNova, Inc.


Cuneiform Platform Overview

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