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Leadership Profiles


Navid Jafari

Vice President, Marketing and Communications


Navid Jafari is a seasoned marketing executive with over 20 years of experience shaping the brand narratives of many startups and midsize companies in Silicon Valley. Known for his innovative approach, Navid has successfully launched and revitalized multiple brands and products across many industries. Under his leadership, teams flourish through a culture of collaboration and creativity, extending beyond traditional marketing roles.

Since 2015, Navid has spearheaded marketing at PeerNova, playing a pivotal role in positioning the company as an innovator in the realm of data quality and contextual insights. His strategies have been instrumental in achieving success, showcasing his ability to blend visionary thinking with practical execution.

Previously, he was the Global Director of Marketing and Communications at UWR, SemiEng, and Open-Silicon Additionally, Navid managed a boutique marketing and design agency, tailoring innovative solutions for clients in the technology and semiconductor industries. Navid has completed a marketing strategy program at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and is pursuing his MBA.



Want to see our platform in action?

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