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Leadership Profiles


Sudipto Haldar

Chief Data Scientist


Sudipto Haldar brings over 20 years of financial sector experience to PeerNova. His vast experience ranges from heading up the Middle-Office Technology Division at hedge funds to building OTC clearing platforms, trade execution platforms, trade capture/confirmation systems, and risk and valuation systems at large global banks including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley.

Sudipto led the technology efforts for capital adequacy compliance requirements at various banks. He served as the technology architect for the BASEL-II program at Credit Suisse First Boston. He was the program architect for the FRTB (Fundamental Review of Trading Book) program; and chaired the FRTB Design Authority Committee at RBC Capital Markets.

At Morgan Stanley, Sudipto served on the FpML Cross Asset Class working group. He also teamed up with Traiana to run a pilot shaping the LimitHub product offering to help asset managers manage credit limits across prime brokers.

At Schonfeld, Sudipto proposed and spearheaded the cloud migration efforts, getting the company out of managing its own data center. Furthermore, he successfully delivered the European securities project, which enabled portfolio managers to trade in equities listed on the European exchanges.

Sudipto is active in many fields that do not involve finance or technology. One of his favorite quotes is “To create beautiful solutions, one needs to first find interesting problems!”



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