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Gangesh Ganesan

Gangesh Ganesan is the founder and CEO of PeerNova. Mr. Ganesan has been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades, and his journey into blockchain entrepreneurship began with the founding of PeerNova in 2013, preceding both Ethereum and Hyperledger.

Mr. Ganesan and PeerNova attained a unique understanding of decentralized and distributed networks and their inherent trust and transparency attributes while building one of the largest bitcoin mining operations in the world. At its peak, this mining operation had over 6k servers, used 10+ megawatts of power, and mined 47,000 bitcoins in approximately nine months.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ganesan, PeerNova hired top Silicon Valley engineering talent with deep expertise in real-time streaming, enterprise security, and Big Data. Additionally, financial industry veterans in post-trade processing, collateral, custody, and middleware applications joined Mr. Ganesan at PeerNova.

With this collective expertise in both technology and finance, PeerNova has built a scalable, highly differentiated Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solution called Cuneiform Platform. Cuneiform is purpose-built for reducing friction both within and in-between financial institutions which execute high-value transactions in multiple asset classes, involving complex multi-party workflows and large datasets.

Over the past five years, Mr. Ganesan has worked closely with large financial institutions globally to solve specific challenges in post-trade processing, trade validation, and “golden data” management to eliminate traditional reconciliations. Under Mr. Ganesan’s leadership, PeerNova has become the first DLT company to generate recurring software revenue from key financial institutions.



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