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Our Mission

Empowering financial institutions to unlock data, increase efficiency, and discover opportunities

PeerNova® is a digital transformation company with a mission to empower financial firms to unlock their data, increase efficiency, and discover opportunities.

Cuneiform® is PeerNova’s zero-code platform that automates data quality, end-to-end (E2E) visibility, and process correctness.

Today, low-quality data and lack of visibility adversely affect decision-making across the enterprise landscape. Firms can make decisions based on incorrect data and insights, leading to missed opportunities, client dissatisfaction, and even fines.

Who we are

Leadership Team

Gangesh Ganesan

Founder & CEO

Chris Mausler

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Emmons

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Benedicto Franco Jr.

VP of Engineering

Erika Lunceford

Global Head of Solutions Engineering

Pravin Halady

Head of Product

Brian Reid

VP of Sales EMEA

William (Bill) Mauer

Managing Director Americas

Harpal Gill

Director of Business Development (London)

Navid Jafari

Global Head of Marketing & Communications

“Tracking the flow of investment capital is critical for fund managers in calculating the performance of their investments. Together [with PeerNova], we are developing technology that is designed to track the lineage of capital with precision and verifiability. While currently a trial, the potential to provide that level of detail more efficiently and more effectively can bring meaningful value to our clients.”

Hu Liang, Sr. VP – Emerging Technologies Center – State Street Bank



S. Atiq Raza


Gangesh Ganesan


Howard Mergelkamp


Suresh Kumar


Chet Kapoor

Board Advisor


Past and Present Industry Affiliations



Want to see our platform in action?

By using the Cuneiform Platform, financial firms can unlock enterprise knowledge, increase efficiency, and identify the most promising digital transformation opportunities.

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