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PeerNova Launches Cuneiform for CRM, a Business Data Quality Monitoring Application, on Salesforce AppExchange

PeerNova® today announced the launch of Cuneiform® for CRM, a business data quality application now available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

01 Jun, 2023  |  Published in Press Release,

San Jose, CA – June 1, 2023 – PeerNova® today announced the launch of Cuneiform® for CRM, a business data quality application now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. The solution helps Salesforce stakeholders ensure their CRM data is fit-for-business purpose by continuously monitoring data quality and effectively prioritizing exceptions. Salesforce Admins can quickly assess and quantify their data quality challenges in order to identify business risks for better ROI, cost-savings, and compliance.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Cuneiform for CRM,” said Gangesh Ganesan, PeerNova Founder and CEO. “A CRM system is often the most important source of truth for customer information. Our application empowers stakeholders to ensure their CRM data is continuously high quality and fit-for-business purpose. This is critical in order to identify issues that may be hindering business initiatives, while ensuring investments in Analytics, Automation, and AI deliver their intended benefits.”

The application combines Cuneiform’s established business data quality monitoring and reconciliation technology, with the flexibility and agility to mature with customers’ evolving business needs. Organizations can start small, and iterate across business applications by selecting the suitable edition based on where they are in their Customer 360 journey.

“Every CRM Admin will admit there are certain data quality challenges in their organization. However, most are unclear on where to start their assessments, or how to correlate data quality issues to business impact without significant investments, ” said Mehmet Orun, CDMP, PeerNova Sr. Vice President of Product, and a Salesforce veteran. “We are delighted to launch the first edition of what we believe will be a category-leading solution for data quality monitoring. Cuneiform for CRM will empower CRM Admins, data stewards and implementation teams to efficiently and effectively evaluate their data quality, while leading impact-driven and sustainable improvements.”

Cuneiform for CRM’s free Admin edition is now live on the Salesforce AppExchange.

About PeerNova

PeerNova’s mission is to empower organizations to make confident and timely decisions using high-quality data. Today, low-quality data can adversely affect decision-making across the corporate landscape. Firms often make decisions based on incorrect data and insights, leading to missed opportunities, client dissatisfaction, and regulatory fines.

Cuneiform® is a zero-code platform that provides data quality monitoring and exception resolution across internal and external data sources. The platform instills confidence in data by measuring data quality metrics and allowing users to resolve data quality errors quickly. This enables firms to increase operational efficiency, improve business performance, and address stakeholder and regulatory inquiries confidently and promptly.

PeerNova’s Cuneiform® for CRM is a business data quality application that enables CRM Admins, business data stewards, and implementation teams to rapidly assess and quantify data quality challenges and business risks to prioritize and direct improvement efforts effectively.

PeerNova is a Silicon Valley technology company with sales offices in New York and London. For more information about PeerNova, please visit https://peernova.com.

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Vice President, Marketing and Communications
PeerNova, Inc.

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