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PeerNova Presenting At Citi Private Function in London, UK: Deploying Blockchain At Financial Institutions Today

San Jose, California – Citi’s Banks analyst Yafei Tian will host PeerNova for a lunch discussion on blockchain use cases deployable in the market today.  This private function will cover a broad market perspective, the potential for cost reductions and ROI as well as case studies of different strategies taken by financial institutions.

PeerNova’s CTO Gangesh Ganesan, and Raghu Rao, VP of Sales will be presenting at this event.

While digital record keeping has enabled organizations to store and analyze data faster than ever, it has also made it more difficult to preserved data integrity and streamline compliance measures. Drawing on inspiration from blockchain technology, PeerNova has developed a comprehensive solution for large financial institutions to use for internal or external audits, regulatory compliance, and data reconciliation between multiple platforms.

PeerNova solution (Cuneiform) is focused on answering very specific audit, compliance, and regulatory related questions with cryptographic proof. Cuneiform patent-pending technology allows for data event lineage information to be preserved with cryptographic certainty.  PeerNova is currently working with some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Event details:
Wednesday, April 12th 2017 – 12.00PM
Location: London, UK


About PeerNova:

PeerNova is a Silicon Valley-based technology company founded by veteran entrepreneurs with deep expertise in distributed systems, networking solutions, compiler technology, big data, and financial services. PeerNova’s mission is to set the new standard for storing, securing and authenticating data.

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