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PeerNova announces investment by Venture Capital veteran Pierre Lamond

12 Aug, 2014  |  Published in Press Release,

San Jose, Calif., August 13, 2014 – Silicon Valley icon and semiconductor industry pioneer Mr. Pierre Lamond makes a pre-series A investment in PeerNova

San Jose, Calif., August 13th, 2014 – PeerNova announced a pre-series A investment by venture capital veteran and semiconductor industry pioneer Pierre Lamond. Mr. Lamond helped pioneer the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley, with his leadership roles at Fairchild Semiconductor and National Semiconductor, which he cofounded in 1967. At Sequoia Capital from 1981 to 2009, Mr. Lamond became renowned in valley circles as one of the hardest working venture capitalists. His deals included Cypress Semiconductor, Microchip Semiconductor, Vitesse Semiconductor and Redback Networks. He also stepped in to lead engineering on a temporary basis at Cisco Systems and mentored the YouTube founders. In 2009 he left to become General partner at Khosla Ventures and served until early this year.

Discussing his investment in PeerNova, Mr. Lamond said “I invested in PeerNova because of its stellar leadership team and deep expertise in technology and operations. The crypto currency space is fairly new, but it has tremendous potential to disrupt a number of industries with blockchain based technology solutions. I am confident that PeerNova’s management experience will enable it to successfully deliver on its vision of being the leader in blockchain based infrastructure, platform and applications.

Announcing the investment, Dr. Naveed Sherwani, CEO of PeerNova said, “We are very excited to attract investments from Silicon Valley luminaries. Having semiconductor pioneer Mr. Lamond as one of our early investors helps validate our vision, product roadmap and goal to bring blockchain based applications to the consumer and enterprise markets. As we actively work on an array of products and partnerships that leverage our infrastructure and platform, we are glad to count Mr. Lamond as one of our investors”.

About Mr. Pierre Lamond

Pierre Lamond was born in France and he studied Electrical Engineering at Toulouse University as an undergraduate, where he also received a Masters Degree in Physics. He then gained another Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. His first job was as an engineer with Transitron Electronics in 1957. In January 1962 he joined Gordon E. Moore’s Fairchild Semiconductor and served as VP & GM, before he left in 1967 to run that company’s spin-off, National Semiconductor, with Charles E. Sporck and Robert Widlar. He has also been an executive at Coherent Radiation, where he was CEO until January 1976, and Advent Corp., a home-entertainment equipment company, where he was CEO from March 1976 until May 1977. During his tenure at Sequoia Capital Lamond was chairman at Cypress Semiconductor, Microchip Semiconductor, Vitesse Semiconductor, Redback Networks, Plumtree Software, Verisity and a Director of a number of other companies. He is a past president of the Western Association of Venture Capitalists.

About PeerNova
PeerNova is the leader in distributed financial applications and transaction processing technology. In addition to offering advanced bitcoin mining hardware and cloud services, PeerNova is leading the innovation in peer to peer applications and secure platforms for the digital currency and e-commerce markets.

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