Enabling Financial Firms
to quickly optimize their data,
processes, and business

What we Offer

Operational Business Management
through Data and process integrity

The Cuneiform Platform is the only operational business management tool, purpose-built for financial firms to create a high-performing environment that quickly improves operational efficiency.

Gain Insights

Timely recognition and optimization of exceptions and opportunities on a daily basis

Perform better

Exceed client and stakeholder expectations through continuous data quality and process improvement

Discover Possibilities

Identification & implementation of the most promising digital transformation opportunities through insights, trends, and ROI

PeerNova is a Silicon Valley technology company focused on solving some of the most prevalent data challenges in the financial industry

Latest News

20 Feb 2020
San Jose, CA – February 20, 2020 –- PeerNova, Inc. (PeerNova) today announced its continued membership in the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA). ISDA promotes sound risk management practices and processes and engages constructively with policymakers and legislators around... » more
12 Dec 2019
San Jose, CA – December 12, 2019  — PeerNova, Inc. (PeerNova) today announced the appointment of Chet Kapoor to the PeerNova corporate advisory board, effective immediately. “PeerNova is an innovative company focused on digital transformation in the financial industry,“ said... » more
22 Oct 2019
San Jose, CA — October 22, 2019 — PeerNova, Inc., a leading enterprise software company in the financial industry today announced it had raised $31M in growth funding led by an existing investor, Mosaik Partners. Medici Ventures and Intuitive Venture... » more

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