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Empowering organizations to make confident and timely decisions

Decisions are hard.
Here’s how we can help organizations stay ahead of the game.

In today’s data-driven world, important decisions are made without knowing whether the underlying data is fit for purpose. So, we asked, why rely on data that’s probably right?

Take decisive and auditable actions grounded in relevant business context and evidence

Navigate decision complexities with clarity, assurance, and confidence. We augment your decision-making by combining deep business context with evidence-driven insights.

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Leverage statistical and time-series analytics to identify predictive signals and measure their business impacts

We use cutting-edge data science techniques to meticulously assess the quality, relevance, and suitability of your data before you make key decisions.

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Ensure your data is fit for business purposes by securely unifying, governing, and managing your data in real-time

High-quality and dependable data forms the cornerstone of our innovative approach. We assist you in securely integrating and managing your data efficiently.

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Your most impactful decisions,
down to a science.

Empower your decisions with Silicon Valley’s finest

Join forces with seasoned Silicon Valley innovators dedicated to revolutionizing how organizations navigate complex decisions. We help teams add contextual insights to their data, enabling more informed and effective decision-making.

A synergy of domain knowledge, technology, and partnership

We stand at the junction of industry knowledge and technological advancement. By forging collaborative partnerships with our clients, we ensure that the solutions we craft are desired by users and drive organizational success.

Targeted and meaningful transformations

Agile, adaptable, and vision-driven, we specialize in crafting innovative solutions that first tackle the most impactful challenges. Our approach focuses on achieving meaningful transformation and setting a new standard in addressing significant issues efficiently and effectively.

See what our platform can do for you

Cuneiform® enables users to monitor data quality metrics, identify high-impact exceptions, and perform faster root-cause analysis across internal and external datasets in real-time.

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Cuneiform® for Valuation Risk is an intuitive platform used by financial institutions to improve the fair-value estimation of assets and ease the P&L creation process by providing scenario and trend analysis, price backtesting, and contextual views of instrument prices using various datasets.

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Cuneiform® for CRM (Salesforce) is a business data reliability application that enables CRM Admins, data stewards, and implementation teams to rapidly assess and quantify data challenges, prioritize business risks, and effectively manage improvement efforts and support desired business objectives.

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Cuneiform® for Data Cloud is the first data management application on and for Salesforce Data Cloud that enables organizations to accelerate and derisk implementations, continually assess data quality against fit-for-purpose metrics, and reduce operational costs incurred by unnecessary reprocessing.

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Latest news and announcements

13 Jun 2024

San Jose, CA – June 13, 2024 — PeerNova, Inc. (PeerNova) today announced that Ed Chidsey has been appointed to the PeerNova corporate board, effective im...

29 May 2024

San Jose, CA – May 29, 2024 – PeerNova announced today that it has achieved the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 certification ...

12 Oct 2023

PeerNova’s Cuneiform™ for CRM was named in 10K’s “Admins: Make Life Easier with These 10 AppExchange Apps'' list at Dreamforce 2023.

Want to see our platform in action?

By leveraging the Cuneiform Platform, you can obtain and use more accurate, data-driven insights through effective data quality monitoring. Learn more about how we can help you with your important tasks.