PeerNova's Securities Exchange
Technology Platform

Embrace the opportunity to fulfill your business needs and re-establish your dominance in today's fast-moving world of securities exchange

PeerNova has developed a technology platform that provides immutability and data integrity for use in securities exchanges applications. Inspired by blockchain, our patent-pending technology enables use of immutable ledgers and databases in real-time for multi-asset and multi-party transactions. Traditional applications of blockchains involve de-centralized ledgers, distributed consensus protocols, and anonymous users. PeerNova’s scalable solution is built for commercial usage by enabling the same type of data integrity and immutability for financial ledgers without needing to de-centralize the ledger or allowing anonymous users to participate.


Data Immutability

Data Integrity

Data Security


Permissioned Access


Why choose PeerNova's Technology Platform?

Flexible settlement time

Audit by cryptographic proof

Overall risk reduction

Building a cryptographic ledger

In a cryptographic ledger system such as a blockchain, transaction records are stored chronologically. The signature (or hash) of each record is also fully embedded into the signature of the leading transaction record. Since manipulating records in any way would in turn change the cryptographic signature of the chain, tampering with this method of storing data becomes difficult and easy to detect.