Building immutable systems for
large-scale, commercial applications

Businesses can’t afford to rely on data that’s probably right. With PeerNova, you can trust and verify whatever you need to maintain the highest levels of confidence and business success.


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Our Story

PeerNova is a Silicon Valley-based technology company founded by veteran entrepreneurs with deep expertise in distributed systems, networking solutions, big data, compiler technology, and financial services. Our team consists of members with past experience at Intel, Qualcomm, Visa, IBM, Google, and HSBC.

While digital recordkeeping has enabled organizations to store and analyze data faster than ever, it has also eroded the immutability that preserved data integrity, prevented breaches, and enabled compliance measures. Drawing on inspiration from millennial blockchain technology and millennia-old recordkeeping practices, PeerNova has developed the first immutable ledger with built-in audit, control, scale, and other capabilities necessary to help the world’s most trusted organizations store, secure, and validate their data. With PeerNova, you can trust and verify whatever you need to maintain the highest levels of confidence at the speed your business demands.

Our Executive Team

Dr. Naveed Sherwani
President & CEO

Dr. Sherwani brings over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, technical engineering and general management. Dr... more >

Gangesh Ganesan
Chief Technology Officer

Gangesh Ganesan serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Peernova. Mr. Ganesan is an experienced technologist and en... more >

Chris Mausler
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Mausler serves as Chief Financial Officer of PeerNova. Mr. Mausler brings over 25 years of senior financial man... more >

David Kim
Chief Legal Officer, EVP, Corporate Development

David oversees all legal matters for the company including regulatory and policy compliance, intellectual property, c... more >